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Orbit Wallet

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Charge your phone, Find your wallet and Take a selfie.

    A sleek genuine leather wallet offering RFID blocking for credit card security and has a built in Orbit so you will never lose your wallet. It will even find your phone by making ring, even on silent.

    Never feel powerless again with its 2800 mAh rechargeable battery and a micro-USB and iPhone adapter.

    • Find your wallet
    • Find your phone (even on silent)
    • 2800mAh rechargeable battery
    • Built-in Orbit
    • Last seen GPS location shown on a map
    • Charge reminder (will remind you to recharge when you get home)
    • Separation Alarm
    • 90db loudspeaker
    • Selfie remote
    • Separation Alarm
    • Built-in 90db loudspeaker
    • Genuine Leather
    • RFID Blocking
    • 4 Credit card slot
    • 1 Bill slot
    • Slim profile
    • All cables built-in, USB to recharge your wallet and micro-USB to recharge your phone
    • Free app for iOS and Android
    • Works with Alexa

    Length: 110mm / 4.3" 
    Thickness: 18mm / 0.73" 
    Weight: 140g / 5.3oz 
    Compatibility: iPhone 4s and later, Android 5 and above

    • A micro-usb to Lightning adapter for use with iPhone


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